Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I don't post here very much at all I know, but that is because I have been very busy. Writing mostly. I have a few really cool projects floating around in my brain box. I've mostly been working on getting some kind of spec script put together. One that I don't really intend on making myself but one that I can hopefully sell to someone and they can make it or butcher it, depending haha.
As far as school goes I've been put in charge of SFX on a project called Vigilance. It's about a vigilante goes fucks some guys up in a parking garage. It'll be a short and it was written by a teacher at my school, Matt Page. We had a choice between this and another shorter script that would have shot earlier. I loved this script and chose it because it was a lot heavier on the SFX. Now, I know close to nothing about film SFX or fake blood for that matter but it seems like it'll be a fun project to cut my teeth on and I think my team and I can pull it off.
I'll keep you posted on any news regarding this or other projects.

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