Monday, December 14, 2009

It'll Happen Soon Enough

OK, I am probably the single worst blogger in the history of the internet. I even hate the word 'blog'. It just doesn't sound right to me. That being said, I have some cool stuff to share with you.
I've been pretty busy recently with various projects including a music video for a local band called Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess. I didn't do the music video myself but I helped as an AD on it. It was a lot of fun. Steampunk type stuff, very cool. I wish I had pictures of the amazing set the Art Department pulled together but I don't have a camera, I'm looking at you Santa.
As far as my own projects go, I just put together a channel on You Tube for some of the short stuff I've been doing. Not too much up there now, I have a lot more in editing limbo on my computer. There are a few stop motion test type videos on there as well as a short about two guys playing chess. I've been really busy with work and school so I haven't really had too much time to edit and upload anything new. I'm working the most on a stop motion about two guys chair racing. I need to add some SFX and other tweaking but it should be ready within the week.

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